• How to Hire the Best Product Development Firm for Your Software Project

    Outsourced product development firms play an important role in today's economy by delivering new products and services for clients who otherwise would have to build in-house, which for many companies is not their core competency. With future of work trends, high demand for tech talent, and the shift to product-first companies, the landscape of these third-party firms is rapidly evolving. In a recent study, three quarters of executives planned to increase their use of independent professionals to provide expertise either to supplement full-time talent, or to access skills and experiences they lack in their workforce. Design firms, dev shops, agencies, freelancers, and a new category of ‘silicon valley’-style product teams-for-hire are all battling it out for the same software projects — making it difficult to know which one is the best choice for your project. If you're not careful, it

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